Cloud based telemedicine system to screen premature infants remotely for Retinopathy of prematurity to protect their vision

"We engaged Claricode to replace our initial software vendor. Their team was responsive and intelligent in their approach to our projects, responding promptly to our additional requests. It's a clear choice for us to work with them on each iteration of our product."

Mike Trese, President, Co-Founder and Pediatric Retinal Specialist, FocusROP

Built to help physicians better identify Retinopathy of Prematurity (ROP), FocusROP is a web based application which combines screening, image analysis, and case management. FocusROP consists of two parts - the overarching web application and the specific analysis functionality. Claricode completely rebuilt the analysis functionality, running its associated complex mathematical algorithms entirely from a web application. The user can identify blood vessels, locate their center, and measure their blood vessel tortuosity. The FocusROP platform then takes this into account to calculate whether the infant is at risk for Plus disease.

Claricode worked alongside FocusROP to simplify their workflow, and build an overarching web application to manage cases. Neonatal Intensive Care Units (NICUs) upload their images to the FocusROP site, where they can verify that their images have been placed in the correct positions. The user answers a series of diagnostic questions and provides comments. The program then compiles the uploaded images into a single montage. The user may also compare previous image uploads to the current one, allowing for an analysis of progression over time. Once the user compeltes their assessment, the images, answers, and comments are compiled into a report which also contains a calculated recommended follow-up. Reports are then accessible to the NICU team and stored on the web application.

In the back end, FocusROP application uses the following languages and frameworks:

  • C#
  • SQL Server
  • Fellow Oak DICOM library - A third party library for parsing DICOM files, which are a medical file standard for storing patient information and images.

The following technologies are used for the front end:

  • jQuery/Javascript
  • HTML5 - In particular, the Canvas API was used to render the ROPTool.
  • CSS

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