Medical Coding Software

Keep a unified record of a patient’s health history with precise medical codes.

Illnesses and procedures are classified into unique codes in order to categorize what was done for billing and reporting purposes. Medical coding software programs help facilitate the coding process, making it easier to correctly classify and catalog a patient’s visit. Claricode has been involved with projects using healthcare coding standards, including various iterations of ICD-10, Current Procedural Terminology (CPT) codes, and Healthcare Common Procedure Coding System (HCPCS) codes. Our medical coding software projects have typically involved integrating coding functionality with existing software systems or adding functionality to existing medical coding systems.

Thousands of possibilities have thousands of codes.

In October 2015, the U.S. adopted ICD-10 as the standard for medical diagnoses. Developed by the World Health Organization, ICD-10 uses an alphanumeric code that enables users to hone in on the category of the disease, the etiology (cause) of the disease, the body part affected, and the severity of the illness. The Clinical Modification of ICD-10 (ICD-10-CM) adds further detail, allowing healthcare organizations to classify reasons for visits and morbidity information. Procedures fall under separate sets of classification codes, such as the ICD-10 Procedure Coding System (ICD-10-PCS), CPT codes, and HCPCS codes. ICD-10-PCS contains codes used for inpatient care, whereas CPT codes encompass procedures performed for outpatients as well. HCPCS is used specifically by Medicare and Medicaid. It was built based on CPT, expanding it to a two-level system allowing for further specificity and classification.

Medical codes are becoming an increasingly important part of a healthcare organization’s operations as they move toward pay-for-performance metrics. For example, it often takes longer to do a physical for a diabetic patient with hypertension and chronic kidney disease than someone without any chronic diseases. This should be captured by properly coding both the ICD-10 codes of the conditions as well as the procedure codes (HCPCS, CPT or ICD-10-PCS) to ensure that the provider is properly paid for the services rendered.

Maintain the uniqueness of your workflow while keeping up with medical coding standards.

Medical coding software programs simplify the coding process and streamline billing by making it easier to select the correct codes. Our customer-focused and collaborative approach combined with our medical software expertise helps you create a solution that both reduces its impact on your existing operations and remains consistent with internationally recognized standards. We consult with you throughout the project to develop custom solutions to best meet your needs. Claricode’s customized ICD-10 coding software and CPT software solutions provide you with maximum flexibility and are tailored to meet your practice’s needs.

At Claricode, we are leaders in medical software development. We provide customized healthcare practice management software for physicians’ groups and other health management organizations. Our software development team has many years of experience designing custom medical coding software programs, and this expertise enables them to design and build custom solutions quicker and with fewer resources. Our custom CPT coding software and ICD-10 coding software solutions enable you to:

  • Improve office efficiency
  • Reduce rejected claims
  • Speed up payments

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