Medical Billing Software

Let your software navigate the complexities of medical billing.

Electronic medical billing software eases the hassle of submitting medical claims by automating the billing process. Claricode has not only built medical billing software programs from scratch but we have also worked to integrate medical billing software into existing electronic medical records or paper workflows. Our experience with 835s, ICD-10, and CPT codes allows us to build customized, Web-based medical billing software, which allows you to receive payments quickly.

We can develop a medical billing system for your practice, your pharmacy, or your medical device and supply company.

A visit to the doctor’s office involves the patient, provider, and insurer.

Medical billing is the process through which healthcare providers are reimbursed for the services they offer. Often, medical billing involves coding, which standardizes patient data and treatments into discrete items, allowing for providers and insurance companies to structure a bill. This process is complicated, as medical billing must take into account the various policies of specific plans and providers as well as the treatment preferences specified by the provider and patient. Additionally, with the movement toward digitizing patient data, medical billing must also be able to integrate with existing platforms.

Spend time with patients instead of insurance companies.

Claricode’s medical software expertise means we jump right into the project, without needing excessive training on the background of medical billing. We learn about your vision, expectations, and workflow in order to create a medical billing solution that’s tailor-made for your organization. Our cloud-based medical billing software solutions simplify billing management, increase billing accuracy, and reduce denied claims.

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