Electronic Medical Records Software

Organize all of the moving parts of patient care.

From constructing electronic medical records (EMR) software to integrating applications with EMRs, Claricode has worked with various EMR software platforms and integrations. Often, existing EMR systems lack elements of functionality needed in a frequently-evolving clinical setting. Our experience with integrating many varied applications and EMR systems allows the user to combine solutions and to increase the value they receive from their software.

Electronic medical records contain everything a provider would find on a patient’s paper chart.

Typically, EMR systems consist of all of a patient’s demographic information, insurance information, and medical history connected to the clinic that owns the EMR. Improved functionality coupled with integration has expanded EMRs to encompass a range of capabilities, such as e-prescribing, clinical decision support, electronic communication, and administrative support. By consolidating patient data into a centralized electronic health record system, healthcare organizations can better access, analyze, and disseminate information.

Don’t tumble into common EMR pitfalls — create your own custom solutions.

Organizations are often hesitant to adopt an EMR software solution because of potential incompatibilities with existing workflows, insufficient return on investment, or a lack of technical support. With a custom software development process, Claricode works with you to understand your unique systems, develop your specific goals, and support you through production. Because we work alongside you to design an EHR software solution exclusive to your organization, you maximize compatibility and return on investment.

Claricode is a leading electronic medical records software provider. We hire only the best. Our developers have been creating customized EMR systems for physicians’ groups and heath management groups for more than ten years. This expertise enables them to develop custom EMR software solutions quicker and with fewer resources. Our collaborative approach let us consult with you throughout the process to develop tailor-made solutions to meet your needs. We can develop an entire EMR system or integrate our customized applications with your existing EMR.

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