Medical Scheduling Software

Medical scheduling software automates most of the processes of finding particular patients the medical professionals, rooms, and equipment needed for medical visits and procedures.

Some software companies want to sell you off-the-shelf patient scheduling software or pre-built applications, but that’s not what we do. At Claricode, we design and develop custom physician scheduling software for physicians’ groups, hospitals, and other healthcare management organizations.

Claricode’s experience with medical scheduling processes allows us to customize medical scheduling software to your needs and combine it with patient reminders to better serve your clients.

Claricode’s custom physician scheduling software enables you to:

  • Customize the software for your unique medical scheduling workflow to increase office efficiency
  • Save time
  • Ensure that your medical team has everything they need for patient appointments

Claricode can also retrieve scheduling data from your existing systems such as an Electronic Medical Record system (such as EPIC) or a Practice Management systems to use that scheduling data for a custom application such as an appointment reminder system or to feed preexisting medical software.

At Claricode, we’re experts at creating custom medical scheduling software based on client needs.

Our online doctor appointment scheduling software takes multiple factors into consideration when scheduling appointments, including:

  • Appointment type (what procedure is being performed?)
  • Healthcare providers’ specific schedules (a certain doctor might be out on Tuesdays, for instance)
  • Case severity (how time-critical is the procedure or test?)
  • Special equipment or rooms needed

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