Mobile Health Apps (iOS/Android)

Your patients, providers, and users are always on the go.

Claricode’s experience with creating mobile applications allows users to remain connected to your product anytime, anywhere. By developing simultaneously across both Android and iOS platforms, we maintain consistency and quality while remaining on schedule and budget. Our knowledge of the development processes unique to each platform allows us to effectively navigate the nuances of getting our applications approved and available to your consumers. Constantly growing our device library, our quality assurance team is committed to testing your application across several devices and operating system versions.

Providers are looking to improve care through technology.

In an effort to enhance the patient experience and advance clinical productivity, providers are turning to mobile applications for everything from electronic health record management to clinical decision support. The expanding mobile market coupled with increasing accessibility to mobile devices has made it possible for providers to manage various aspects of their practice from within their pockets. As technology continues to advance, we see providers already using mobile devices for scheduling, data storage, medical references, social media, and patient outreach.

Patients are looking to take control of their health.

From fitness applications to medical reference applications, patients are seeking information and support from their smartphones. Many patients look towards the application markets to get them started on preventive care such as diet and exercise. Others use their smart phones for first-aid support, or to verify their symptoms before booking a doctor’s appointment. We are starting to see an emergence of telehealth and patient-provider communication applications, where patients have live providers available right at their fingertips.

It’s your mobile application – stay connected throughout the journey.

Like all our products, Claricode’s mobile development process is exclusively customized for each client. Based on your requirements, ideas, and goals, we coordinate with you to maintain an appropriate level of communication and transparency. We follow your lead, making sure what we create corresponds to what you envision.

Our mobile applications include:
  • Telehealth consultations and video conferencing
  • Home healthcare wound care treatment
  • Patient monitoring

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