Healthcare Integration

Your organization should run like a well-oiled machine.

Claricode uses its extensive experience with medical software standards and healthcare industry integration standards to design custom solutions to meet your needs. Having worked with a variety of communication standards, such as HL7, as well as data standards like ICD-10, Claricode has the experience to help increase the interoperability of your existing systems. Our flexible process and skilled development team allow us to reduce the development time and your team’s time needed to implement your integration. We have provided solutions for a number of integration scenarios, including integrating with electronic medical records (such as Epic), building APIs, integrating billing, and integrating many other types of applications.

Integration links two or more systems in order to enhance the user’s experience.

For example, EHR integration allows for two types of electronic medical records to communicate with one another, so providers can send medical records electronically without reentering the information. We integrate the software systems via tools such as an HL7 integration engine, which connects the systems by using a standard messaging protocol. EHR integration depends on the implementation and usage of standards, defined by internationally recognized entities. Some of the more common communication standards include HL7 and FHIR standards. In addition to communication standards, data standards such as ICD-10 codes and C-CDA are required for the systems to integrate successfully.

Streamline your process and get the most out of your software.

We commit ourselves to working collaboratively with you. We consult with you throughout the process, maximizing your input to improve the end product. Our experience with EMR integration solutions and industry standards allows us to develop a solution that is both customized and in line with industry practices.

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