Chronic Disease Management Software and Remote Monitoring with Patient-Provider Portals

Claricode has been creating chronic disease management applications for remotely monitoring patients for more than 10 years.

Chronic disease management software has evolved considerably since our first experience more than a decade ago. We created a large health system’s remote data repository and customized patient-physician portals that integrated with their EMR. The system captured medical device measurements with tools such as a pill bottle with a mobile phone chip and medical devices like glucometers and blood pressure machines that hooked up to a phone line.

We also employed live remote consultation capabilities as early as 2006, using a cell phone camera to take pictures of wounds for wound care specialists to examine remotely. The wound care specialists could make adjustments to the treatment plan in real time while the home care nurse was still treating that patient.

Today’s chronic disease management software allows providers to interact with their patient population from anywhere there is an Internet connection. Doctors are using chronic disease management software to follow up with everyone from the parents of infant retinal patients to geriatric patients who need a reminder to take their medication. Doctors can set individual normal ranges for each patient based on their medical history so that doctors and patients only receive alerts when they should be concerned, such as if glucose levels are outside the normal range.

Claricode has worked with many aspects of technology-enabled healthcare, from communicating with health monitors to writing platforms for telemedicine. Our knowledge of the technological and legal protocols specific to connected health minimizes the time needed to get your project off the ground. Because all of our telehealth software is entirely custom-built, we can ensure compatibility with your devices as well as interoperability with other systems.

Remote monitoring lets patients and providers see readings from medical devices and communicate about healthcare concerns anytime and anywhere.

Remote monitoring software allows patients with chronic illnesses to go about their lives knowing that their doctors and nurses can keep a watchful eye on their progress. Claricode has been a pioneer in the chronic disease management arena, creating solutions to allow doctors to remotely monitor patients’ blood pressure, glucose readings and other vital pieces of information. Our disease management software solutions allow the patient’s medical information to be uploaded from a medical device to a secure patient portal either at the touch of a button or automatically. If a patient’s readings are abnormal, the application can alert the doctor’s office so that they can consult with the patient to make corrective recommendations and keep a worrisome situation from becoming an emergency.

Patient portals and remote monitoring improve patients’ involvement in their own healthcare.

Our disease management software is not only easy for providers to use, but it also saves the patient both time and money while allowing them peace of mind. No longer does a gastric bypass patient have to drive to their provider’s office for weekly weigh-ins following surgery: There’s no need to pay for parking, wait in line to see a provider, get weighed, and then drive home. Instead, a patient can weigh themselves at home and the scale will transmit the data to the provider. This makes it easier for patients and doctors to get the information that they need to improve the patient’s health.

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