PlerooConnect came to us for help designing a cloud-based echocardiogram system to allow cardiologists to view either still or moving images from an exam on a laptop or tablet

"We knew we chose the right team when Claricode provided insight on our initial wireframes that prevented extra costs and time delays. Additionally, they constantly kept us informed of the project status and completed the high-caliber deliverables on time. We wouldn't want to work with anyone else on future software development projects."

Dr. Jarrett Flood, CEO, PlerooConnect

PlerooConnect's Cloud Cardiology System allows cardiologists to easily read echocardiograms on any mobile or desktop device. Users upload DICOM files to the PlerooConnect application. Using metadata extracted from the DICOM files, the program associates specific files with individual patient and displays the DICOM images as either a standstill or moving image. The program will automatically extract DICOM measurements from metadata, but a reviewer may manually override the DICOM measurements. PlerooConnect also contains a unique bullseye visualization, allowing for cardiologists to score various aspects of cardiac anatomy. Finally, reviewers provide an overall interpretation and may generate a report for their patients.

A reviewer may analyze a patient's current echocardiogram while simultaneously comparing their reading with a previous case. In the side-by-side mode, users maintain all the original analysis functionality for their current case, while viewing image data from past cases with current ones, providing additional insight into their current case without the inconvenience of exiting their current analysis or frequently switching screens.

PlerooConnect retains all the functionality of high level echocardiogram analysis in a portable and easily accessible application. It uses the following technologies for the back end:

  • C#
  • SQL Server
  • Fellow Oak DICOM library - A third party library for parsing DICOM files, which are a medical file standard for storing patient information and images.

The following technologies are used for the front end:

  • jQuery/Javascript
  • HTML5 - In particular, the Canvas API was used to animate videos of patient images extracted from DICOM files.
  • CSS

PlerooConnect also uses the PdfSharp/Migradoc library to produce patient reports.

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