Medication Therapy Management Software

Prescribe the right medicine at the right time.

We have written custom prescription management software for prescribers that delivers the appropriate medication(s) to patients based on their medical history, best practices, medication list, and insurance provider. Medication management software uses clinical decision support to guide the physician away from potential pitfalls. Common problems that are avoided include prescribing too much of a particular drug or prescribing one that the patient is allergic to.

While EMRs often provide basic e-prescribing with notifications of drug-drug interactions and drug-allergy interactions, some prescribers would like immediate information about the drugs, such as:

  • Therapeutic classes (such as NSAIDs - nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs)
  • Contraindications
  • Dosing guidelines based on weight, age, and indication
We navigate the complexities of commercial drug databases so you don’t have to.

We integrate our custom medication management software with common drug databases such as First Databank, Medi-Span, Lexicomp, and Rx-Norm to use the latest drug information.

Using our expertise, you don’t have to know the reason why the same bottle of ibuprofen has two different NDCs or why you can’t find that NDC in your drug database. Our custom built prescription management systems save time, reduce errors, and enable physicians to spend more time caring for patients.

Solve the major issues that you face as a prescriber or prescribing organization.

Here are some of the major solutions provided by medication therapy management software:

  • Providing appropriate guidance to prescribers without complicating their workflow
  • Allowing recommendations to be managed so that they can change along with advances in medicine
  • Checking whether or not the medications that were prescribed were filled and taken
  • Offering appropriate substitutions if the patient does not want to take a medication or if it is not approved by their insurance plan
Dispense and bill for the appropriate medicine based on the prescription provided.

We have written medication therapy management software for pharmacies to help them dispense the appropriate medicine based on a patient’s prescription and the rules provided by the pharmacy benefit manager.

Get a medication therapy management system designed to your specifications.

At Claricode, we are experts in medication management software development. Our developers have years of experience creating custom medication therapy management software solutions for physicians’ groups and other healthcare management providers. We consult with you throughout the design and development process to develop a prescription management system that is tailor-made to suit your needs.

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