Telemedicine software

We’ve been creating telemedicine software solutions for major health systems since 1999.

More than 16 years ago, our founder started building telemedicine solutions for a large health system that was one of the key innovators in the space. We continue to work with that customer (among others) to create new telehealth solutions and improve upon existing ones. We developed connected health software for them that receives remote patient monitoring data and helps both patients and providers analyze the flow of data and communicate about it. This allows doctors to intervene between visits to avoid hospitalizations.

Providers experience a whole new type of healthcare with telehealth.

Telemedicine software uses technology to allow patients and providers to engage in healthcare remotely. Through a custom telemedicine platform, providers can conduct consultations, chat with patients, and provide diagnoses. Providers also have the ability to e-prescribe, communicating quickly with thousands of pharmacies while reducing error. Ultimately, this new realm of healthcare strengthens the link between providers and patients. As a top telemedicine company, Claricode possesses the knowledge and skill to make your telehealth concepts come to life.

Patients want instant solutions.

Video consultations help quickly assuage patients’ healthcare concerns. Patients can show and discuss an issue from the comfort of their home, preventing the hassle and time spent traveling to a physician’s office. In the telehealth applications we have worked on, not only do patients consult with providers via video conference, but they also get to chat and ask the provider any questions. Claricode’s telemedicine software solutions help physicians’ groups to improve outcomes in the management of chronic conditions, offer patients more convenient appointments, and reach patients they wouldn’t otherwise reach.

Telehealth is the future of the healthcare industry.

Having the ability to video-conference with a patient online, answer any questions, and proceed to the next step of treatment is among the reasons why telemedicine software applications are so rewarding. In the telemedicine solutions we have worked on, providers have the ability not only to e-prescribe but also to refer patients to specialists and write treatment plans to help patients improve their health. Allowing patients to access these applications from desktop computers, laptops, and mobile devices gives the patient control of their own health and can improve the management of chronic illnesses.

Telemedicine + Medical Devices = Connected Health

While telemedicine relies on either live consultations or information being input into the system, “connected health” refers to a continuous feed of data being available to the provider to monitor a patient’s well-being. Connected health software gives providers regular readings via medical devices (e.g., glucometers) for providers to act on if they see something worrisome. At Claricode, we have been providing connected health development services since 2006 for major health systems.

Claricode is a leading telemedicine company that provides custom software solutions to physicians’ groups and other healthcare management organizations. We consult with you throughout the design and development process to build custom telemedicine software solutions specific to your needs. Our highly collaborative and customer-focused approach ensures that the applications we design and develop are true to your vision.

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