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Domain Expertise

With our healthcare software experts, you won't have to explain HL7 or HIPAA, saving you time and reducing your costs.

Medical software systems are very complex with their own set of terminology, laws, and data integration standards. Our team has the knowledge and experience to guide you.

Telemedicine / Connected Health

While telemedicine software is a newly hot topic, we have been writing custom telemedicine software for many years. Our founder started building telehealth software more than 16 years ago for a large health system that was a pioneer in telemedicine. We continue to work with that customer (among others) to create new telemedicine software and connected health applications and improve upon existing ones. Applications that we have built involve anything from an online consultation with a specialist in a specific field to a live video consultation between a patient and physician.


Chronic Disease Management

For over 10 years, Claricode has been building Chronic Disease Management Platforms to help patients with chronic diseases such as diabetes, hypertension (high blood pressure), or congestive heart failure (CHF). This chronic disease software allows both patients and healthcare providers to monitor the patient’s progress using medical devices that are integrated with their electronic medical record and/or a patient/provider portal. Using remote patient monitoring allows doctors to respond immediately to changes in their patients’ health rather than waiting for a situation to become an emergency.


Healthcare Integration

Integration is a key element of almost all of our applications. We have integrated applications with Epic and many other EMRs. We have extensive experience building high-volume connections (APIs) with large sets of data and figuring out how to optimize them from a programming and business perspective. Whether you’re using REST, FHIR, HL7, SOAP, JSON, or some odd language that your programmers just invented, we will figure out how to connect to your system.


Medical Device Software

From glucometers to scales and specialty thermometers, Claricode has worked with many different types of medical equipment. Medical devices constantly gather important data, but it’s often in a format that isn’t user-friendly, easy to analyze, or connected to the patient’s medical record. We integrate specific medical devices with custom patient and physician portals to make it easier to understand and to use the data from those devices. Or, if you’ve got a device you’re working on and need firmware for it to communicate with applications, we can help with that, too.


Mobile Apps (iOS/Android)

We have built mobile apps separately and as part of other types of applications. We are seeing an explosion in demand for these types of applications as patients and providers seek to do everything on their phones/tablets. We built our first mobile app in 2006 and continue to build them today.


Medical Billing Software

Claricode has not only built medical billing software programs from scratch but we have also worked to integrate medical billing software into existing electronic medical records or paper workflows. Our experience with 835s, ICD-10, and CPT codes allows us to build customized medical billing software, which allows you to receive payments quickly.

We can develop a medical billing system for your practice, your pharmacy, or your medical device and supply company.


Clinical Decision Support

Claricode has built clinical decision support solutions as simple as alerting a clinician to a drug-drug interaction and as complicated as performing complex image processing on a photograph to recommend that a patient is screened for a specific disease due to their increased risk profile.


Medical Coding Software

Medical coding software provides the tools necessary to write standardized information about a patient's condition(s) and the treatment that was provided. Our Medical coding software ensures that each patient visit is classified correctly to make it easier to treat and bill for that patient.


Electronic Medical Records

From constructing electronic medical records (EMR) software to integrating applications with EMRs, Claricode has worked with various EMR software platforms and integrations. Our experience with integrating many varied applications and EMR systems allows the user to combine solutions and to increase the value they receive from their software.


Medication Management

Claricode has worked with both prescribing organizations and pharmacies to build, customize, and integrate with medication management software. We help them prescribe and fill the right medicine based on the patient’s medical history, their existing conditions, and their insurance benefits.



Claricode has worked with both healthcare systems and pharmacies to build custom electronic prescribing systems that send and receive millions of e-prescriptions per year, either through the Surescripts network or directly to the hospital pharmacy.


Medical Scheduling Software

Claricode’s experience with medical scheduling processes allows us to customize medical scheduling software to your needs and combine it with patient reminders to better serve your clients. Our medical scheduling software makes it easy to schedule patients, clinicians, resources, and locations so that procedures or exams can be performed according to your workflow.


Here are some examples of our experience:

  • For a Fortune 50 company, synchronizing their home health EMR's patient information with a Health Information Exchange.
  • Winning the Microsoft Health Users Group Award with Partners HealthCare and sponsor, Pfizer, for the development and integration of Adverse Drug Reporting into the Partners EMR.
  • Designing and developing a Software as a Service e-prescribing system - processing millions of prescriptions per year for more than 150 EMRs and Practice Management Systems.
  • Building a telemedicine visit platform for a veterinary company that integrated real-time medical device information and multiple video feeds for use in a retail environment.
  • For a health system serving 1.5 million patients annually, creating a remote patient monitoring platform that has been in use and updated for over 10 years.
  • For a Fortune 50 company, integrating real-time and scheduled eligibility and benefits checking into a home health EMR.


We have custom-built numerous types of healthcare and medical software programs over the last 13+ years. Our team of seasoned professionals is happy to code in whatever programming languages you choose or recommend a specific technology for you based on your needs and preferences.

We carefully select modern software technologies that are appropriate for your project based on your team’s preferences, knowledge, and what is best for the job. Technologies are changing extremely quickly, so we are constantly updating our skills and the technology stack we use.

We have extensive experience in developing custom medical software programs for the healthcare industry and look forward to collaborating with you to create the best customized solution to meet your specific needs and requirements.

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