Cardiovascular Disease

A leading cause of death worldwide, Cardiovascular Disease includes diseases of the heart and vessels.

Cardiovascular disease most commonly originates from artherosclerosis, also known as plaque buildup along the walls of arteries and vessels. This buildup contributes to a large number of cardiovascular diseases, such as heart attack and stroke. Cardiovascular disease itself is a very broad category, and has a wide variety of causes, such as lifestyle choices, environment, and genetics. While practices concerning Cardiovascular disease focuses on prevention, healthcare providers also emphasize recovery and improvement after a cardiovascular event.

Connected health software can serve as a useful tool for patients and providers attempting to manage their cardiovascular health.

Teaming up with a notable healthcare provider, Claricode developed a comprehensive patient-provider portal which allowed users to track many indicators of cardiovascular health. The application tracks and analyzes weight, blood pressure, pulse, oxygen saturation, glucose levels, and temperature, showing both the patient and provider a holistic view of the patient’s overall health. Several types of equipment have been integrated into the cardiac care application. For example, diuretics, commonly prescribed to help treat hypertension, may sometimes cause severe weight loss and trigger a heart attack. Claricode integrated a scale into the application, which triggered a warning if the patient was losing too much weight, allowing the providers to immediately notify the patient and adjust their treatment plan.

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