Diabetes is a chronic illness in which the patient has prolonged levels of high blood glucose.

While poor diabetes management can result in a number of complications, good disease management can allow patients to live healthy and active lives. A comprehensive diabetes management plan is usually created by a physician for the patient, and includes medication, diet, and exercise. Connected health, along with specific diabetes management software helps providers support their patients and monitor their progress, without having to be physically present.

Claricode has developed diabetes management projects for both industry leaders and prominent healthcare organizations.

In conjunction with a large healthcare organization, Claricode developed a modular remote monitoring initiative. Including a physician portal, patient portal, and program management, the disease management application can integrate with devices, such as glucometers, and facilitate communication between patients and providers. Claricode has also built software platforms exclusively for device integration and data logging, allowing patients and providers to track their health statistics over time.

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